Top 10 Physician Assistant Colleges

Not all states require a college degree to become a physician assistant. However, having one is very beneficial and a great way of making sure that you are eligible for practice in many different states. The list presented here is a breakdown of the top colleges in the United States that offer a Bachelorís or Masterís degree for physician assistants.

Duke University

Duke University is one of the first locations in the United States to offer a physician assistant program. The PA program is offered through the School of Medicine and is broken into pre-clinical and clinical rotations. This school is located in Durham, North Carolina.

University of Iowa

Located in Iowa City, Iowa, this university has a Department of Physician Assistant Studies and Services in the Carver College of Medicine. More than 60% of the didactic courses are completed alongside students training to becoming medical doctors.

University of Utah

This university is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and has a strong faculty body composed of very experienced teachers and clinicians. The curriculum is focused on serving many diverse communities and provides a lot of practical experience.

Emory University

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this university offers a Physician Assistant Program as part of its School of Medicine, which gives future PAs a chance to work and learn alongside future doctors. The program also emphasizes community service in addition to clinical and didactic studies.

George Washington University

This university boasts a 99.6% graduation rate and a very high percentage of graduates who enter the workforce as PAs in the Washington, DC area. Courses are taken alongside medical students with rotations that will put you in contact with both inpatients and outpatients.

Baylor College of Medicine

This school offers PA certification as part of a Master of Science program. Located in Houston, Texas, it focuses on both a professional and a community approach, emphasizing the importance of being able to deal with the stateís very diverse population.

Oregon Health and Sciences University

Located in Portland, Oregon, this university offers physician assistant education as part of a Masterís level program. The program was instituted in 1995 and has risen quickly among the college rankings ever since. The courses are split between a 12 month long didactic phase and a 14 month long clinical phase.

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

This university has had a PA program since 1975 and provides courses on both basic sciences and advanced clinical sciences. That makes this Piscataway, New Jersey school an ideal starting point for anyone who has a non-medical Bachelorís degree and hopes to translate those skills into the healthcare profession.

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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

This Dallas, Texas-based university has offered a Master of Physician Assistant Studies program since 1972. The training is slightly longer than that of other schools, lasting 30 months, but the university boasts a 100% certification rate over the past five years.

University of Washington

Located in Seattle, Washington, this university boasts an impressive faculty with many professional accolades and a lot of experience. The university has also recently expanded its program to include courses at its Tacoma, Washington campus.

By enrolling in one of these top colleges, you will be receiving a strong education that can give you a lot of flexibility in both becoming a physician assistant and transitioning into another healthcare professional position down the road if you wish.

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